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A little bit about what we do...


Three shared themes are undertaken by the whole school within each academic year. We place high emphasis on a child-led and inspiring curriculum that encourages children to explore, investigate and question. We value children understanding and being part of their learning journey and achieve this through inspiring planning and teaching. We understand the importance of children experiencing things first hand to support their learning and always base our themes on children's interests, in school experiences and knowledge so that they are excited to learn.


Current Theme- How can we be Superheroes?


We are currently enjoying the theme, 'How can we be Superheroes?'. This has been a great settling in theme to help our little gems to shine in their new classrooms. The lift-off involved our very own UNITED mascot- Teamwork Ted and the children have really enjoyed all becoming superheroes in our school community.



EYFS have used the theme to think about classroom rules and expectations- what makes a happy classroom? We have also learnt stories about superheroes for story making such as 'Dazzle Determined'. Our role play areas have included a superhero headquarters and a Percy the Park Keeper's hut! We have also been thinking about real life superheroes and had a fantastic visit from Nurse Spence, we used all the information she gave us to make our very own class non-fiction book about nurses. We are looking forward to a visit from the police and also our trip to Perry Grove at the end of term.


Year 1

The year 1 children have been exploring and investigating materials to design and make their very own superhero capes! They have also rescued superheroes that were trapped in ice- thinking critically about which superhero powers rescued the superheroes the quickest? In term 2 they are thinking about real life superheroes, they are looking forward to a visit from the fire station and the police. Road safety has also been a key learning element this term, thinking about how we can keep ourselves safe.


Year 2

In year 2 the children have focused on fictional superheroes such as Batman and Superman, the children have written their own superhero stories and created a class fact book about each superhero, thinking about what makes them a superhero. The children have also been on exciting 'Superhero Missions' to capital cities in the UK where they tasted different foods and looked at city landmarks. This term the children are looking at real life superheroes and superheroes from the past such as Florence Nightingale.