Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural. (SMSC)


Pupils Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development is at the heart of our school ethos, values and shared vision. Aspects of SMSC are developed consistently throughout all parts of our creative curriculum and school life. Within this we actively promote Fundamental British Values (FBV).

We launched our new PINK – Gloucestershire PSHE and Safeguarding curriculum in September 2015 ; this curriculum covers;

Health and Well-being

Developing risk management

Understanding personal change and responsibility


Understanding the dynamics of healthy relationships

Living in the wider world

How media, commerce and social issues shape our understanding of the world

Each term our whole school share a new Value for life-

Term 1- Justice

Term 2-Peace

Term 3- Forgiveness

Our school continue to promote and celebrate all aspects of SMSC in many ways;

* Daily whole school Collective worship time

* Weekly Class worship time

* Monthly ‘Sparkling Prayer Space’

* Anti-Bullying week

* Community events and fund-raising

* Road saftey awareness

* Creative Curriculum – Range of Visitors and real life experiences – trips etc

* Whole School UNITED links

* Whole school Houses and weekly celebrations

* Range of extra-curricular activities

* Links to Fundemental British Values

* School Council

* Playground Buddies – launched in Term 3

* Whole School Life Education Van experience T4

* Whole School outdoor learning opportunities- Welly Wednesday and Forest School fun!