Maths Passports


In Key Stage One, we use Maths Passports to help improve children’s mental maths skills.  We have 12 passports and each passport has a number of targets on it.  These targets are based on key mathematical concepts and correspond to National Curriculum expectations.  Pupils work on their targets regularly in school and move on to a new passport when they can prove that they have achieved all the targets on their passport.  We celebrate success by presenting certificates in assembly and displaying children’s photographs on our Maths Passport display in the school hall.


How you can help

The more children practise their targets, the more progress they will make.  You will have received your child’s Maths Passport letter, letting you know what passport they are working on and what the targets on that passport are.  You can also download all of the Maths Passport letters from this page.  Please take time to work on these targets with your child on a regular basis – just a few minutes every day will make a big difference.  Because the passports are based on mental maths skills, they can easily be practised as you go about your daily routine – on the way to or from school, at bath time or whilst getting dressed!  Please feel free to let us know when you feel your child has achieved their passport.

If you have any questions, your child’s teacher will be very happy to help.

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