Maths Facts and Bumper Maths


In Key Stage One, in addition to the main Maths curriculum lessons, children practise their Maths Facts for 10 minutes every day.  They also have a weekly homework task to help them learn these facts.  Maths Facts are the really important things that all children in the year group are expected to know by the end of the year.


Twice a year, all children in KS1 will complete the Bumper Maths quiz.  This quiz is a fun ways of testing children's knowledge of the Maths Facts.  We award prizes for the children achieving the highest scores and also for children who have shown the biggest improvement in their score.

How you can help

* Please help your child to complete their weekly homework task.

* In November each child in KS1 will take home a Maths Facts learning book containing all the Maths Facts for their year group.  You can use this to practise any of the Maths Facts throughout the year.