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Year 2 Home Learning

End of summer term

Dear all of Year 2,

As you finish your journey with Rowanfield Infant School, we would like to take this opportunity to remember and celebrate all the times we have shared with you and all of your achievements over the past 3 years. 

Every teacher, teaching assistant and member of staff that you have known wishes you all the best for your next step into the Junior School.  Usually we would celebrate with an assembly but this year we have made you a video. 

We hope you enjoy it and take a moment to reflect on how far you have come.

You are all superstars 🙂

Love from all the staff at Rowanfield Infant School

Enjoy your summer holidays!


W.C. 13th July - Big Choice Grid!

Year 3 Transition Booklet 

Year 3 Transition Booklet 2 


























Supporting home learning routines

Amazon.co.uk have a wide selection of books and magazines (for adults and children) for free that you can download onto a kindle or the kindle app on a phone or tablet.  To access these free books, visit:


The BBC have launched a new home learning initiative.  You can access the Year 2 daily lessons at   https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/z7s22sg/year-2-lessons/1 There is also a 20 minute daily TV programme for 5-7 year olds at 9am.  You can watch this live through the BBC Red Button or or catch up through BBC iPlayer (search for Bitesize: 5-7 year olds).  Many of these daily programmes will contain lessons from various celebrities.  Please use this resource freely.  If we would like to direct you to a particular lesson, we will add this in the weekly/daily sheets we provide.

Another home learning resource backed by the government is the Oak National Academy https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom  Visit their Online Classroom to access daily lessons in a variety of subjects.  We will be using the Oak National Academy for our maths lessons. If we would like to direct you to any other particular lessons, we will add this in the weekly/daily sheets we provide.

Weekly activities

Will be updated every Monday during school closure.  You should try to select one activity per day from the weekly grid to support your child's development in foundation subjects.

Week 6 - 06.07.20 

Week 5 - 29.06.20 

Week 4 - 22.06.20 

Week 3 - 15.06.20 

Week 2 - 08.06.20 

Week 1 - 01.06.20 

Our favourite boredom busters



Some extra information...

Year 2 love to learn through song.  Keep an eye on this part of the page for some of our Class' favourites.  

The 7 continents of the World:


The 5 oceans song:




We also love to dance!  Go Noodle is a free and fun way to stay active at home... and Year 2 know some of the songs really, really well!  Create a free account at https://family.gonoodle.com/ and try out some of our favourites. including 'Believer', 'I'm Still Standing' and 'Banana, Banana, Meatball'!

Previous home learning

Mon 6th & Tues 7th July 

Weds 8th & Thurs 9th July 

Fri 10th July 

Talk for Writing - parent answers (w.c. 06.07.20 

Mon 29th & Tues 30th June 

Weds 1st & Thurs 2nd July 

Fri 3rd July 

Talk for Writing - parent answers (w.c. 29.06.20) 

Mon 22nd & Tues 23rd June 

Weds 24th & Thurs 25th June 

Fri 26th June 

Talk for Writing - parent answers (w.c. 22.06.20) 

Mon 15th & Tues 16th June 

Weds 17th & Thurs 18th June 

Fri 19th June 

Talk for Writing - parents answers (w.c. 15.06.20) 

Mon 8th & Tues 9th June 

Weds 10th & Thurs 11th June 

Fri 12th June 

Talk for Writing - parents answers (w.c. 08.06.20) 

Mon 1st & Tues 2nd June 

Weds 3rd & Thurs 4th June 

Fri 5th June

Talk for Writing - parents answers (w.c. 01.06.20)

Week 5 - 18.05.20 

Week 4 - 11.05.20 

Week 3 - 04.05.20 

Week 2 - 27.04.20 

Week 1 - 20.04.20 

Fri 22nd May 

Weds 20th & Thurs 21st May 

Mon 18th & Tues 19th May 

Talk for Writing - answers for parents w.c. 18.05.20 

Fri 15th May 

Weds 13th & Thurs 14th May 

Mon 11th & Tues 12th May 

Talk for Writing - parents answers (wc. 11.05.20)

Weds 6th & Thurs 7th May 

Mon 4th & Tues 5th May 

Fri 1st May 

Weds 29th & Thurs 30th April 

Mon 27th & Tues 28th April 

Fri 24th April 

Weds 22nd & Thurs 23rd April 

Mon 20th & Tues 21st April





Mon 30th & Tues 31


Thurs 26th & Fri 27th March 




Week commencing 30th March 2020:

Weekly activities  


Week commencing 23rd March 2020:

Weekly activities  

What is home learning?

With our school currently closed, many parents feel overwhelmed at the idea of ‘teaching’ their children from home.  Home learning is not teaching your child new content and feeling the pressure to be a replacement teacher.  Home learning should be fun, accessible and support your child’s overall development.  The main idea is to practise their skills daily and to nurture their curiosity for the world around them.  It all starts with a structured routine…

What should I be doing every day?

To support and continue your child’s develop through Year 2, your child should read, write with a pencil or pen, and exercise every day - like they do in school.  These are habits that should continue as much as possible to minimise learning loss when our school reopens.

Here is an example of a daily routine you could try:

Morning: eat breakfast together, get dressed, make the bed.

Morning: reading for pleasure – share stories together

Morning: stretch and PE (why not try Joe Wicks’ daily PE lessons)

Healthy snack (KS1 children usually break for 15mins at 10:30)

Weekly spelling practise and writing task (updated daily)

Free time – child’s choice – try to have free time yourself here too – you deserve a break!

Lunch (KS1 children usually have lunch for 45mins from 12:00-12:45)- eat together when possible.  Our children always socialise whilst they eat their lunch at school.

“Wake and shake” (use gonoodle, youtube or your own music for 10 mins of dancing)

Maths practise or challenge (updated daily)

Outside play (if available, and if not use this as free play time)

Choice grid activity (updated weekly)

Social time – call relatives, friends, colleagues – for a chat and a catch up

TV/screen time or free play – non-educational


Reading stories together

Bedtime (try to keep this a reasonable time to stick to structured routine and allow yourself a child-free rest in the evenings).

Do your kids enjoy a bedtime story?

Let a familiar voice read to them every now and again.  Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf from Frozen) is reading a bedtime story live every evening at 7:30pm on twitter.  If that’s too late for your children, you can save it and watch it the next day instead.  Follow @joshgad on twitter for more information.