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Dream: goals and aspirations

All staff have high expectations for the children within the school and encourage the children to have high expectations for themselves and what they are capable of achieving.

At the start of every year children are asked to think about their dream for the coming year, in terms of what they hope to achieve in their learning. The children then fill ‘dream jars’ with these aspirations which are then displayed around the classroom.

During the year, children are reminded of their goals at moments when they may be facing challenges which they need to overcome. This helps to motivate them to persevere. Along with this, teachers ensure that they make the learning explicit and visible for the children so that it is clear exactly what they have to do, this coupled with precise feedback at the point of learning ensures that children are successful in reaching their learning goals.

At times, children may experience moments when their self-esteem or self-confidence takes a wobble, however, they are quickly supported to get back on track with our team of experts who have tailored interventions specifically to improve self-regulation and resilience.

Every year we hold a whole school aspirations day where we invite speakers in from a wide variety of professions, these range from police officers to engineers to journalists or secretaries. The purpose of the event is to raise the children’s awareness of professions they may not know about, this provides them with enthusiasm, motivation and a sense of purpose as they have something concrete to work towards.

During our Monday assemblies we provide the children with motivation to go for their dreams by showing them that you can be whatever you want to be. We share stories of inspirational people who have managed to change people’s thinking or challenge stereotype, such as female engineers or a black person as president of the USA.