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We believe that mathematics is an important foundation stone to learning that embraces every part of life.  At Rowanfield we aim to teach for a deep and secure understanding in line with the aims of the National Curriculum. Learning is sequenced to allow all children to develop mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Key concepts of number and place value, calculation, fractions, geometry, statistics and space are broken into small steps to ensure all children are able to access the learning. Children are challenged appropriately through rich, deep tasks which encourage them to think deeply, reason mathematically and apply their understanding in a range of contexts.


Our vision for all pupils is that they:

  • can recall prior knowledge and use suitable technical vocabulary to articulate their explanations
  • are able to talk effectively about their Maths and the strategies they have used in their mathematical processes
  • are able to use different resources to support their learning and show resilience in their approaches
  • loves Maths and is confident with reasoning, problem solving and thinking in different ways
  • are fully equipped for the mathematical challenges of everyday life, preparing them for the world of work and have economic awareness.


We believe that all children can achieve in Mathematics and encourage all of our pupils to approach their learning in this subject with a positive mindset.

Teachers use a range of resources when teaching and try where possible, to introduce new topics with appropriate concrete and visual resources. These enable children to gain a secure understanding of the mathematical concept so that the learning is sustainable over time. This allows children to build new learning upon prior knowledge whilst always striving to consolidate those key skills they have already learned.

In addition to daily Mathematics lessons, the children in Years 1-6 also receive daily ‘Fluent in Five’ sessions. These sessions provide an opportunity for practising key number and arithmetic skills. The sessions are taught and focused, encouraging children to make connections, see patterns, build their arithmetical fluency and work together to explore mathematical ideas and conjectures.

For more information on how we teach mathematics across all phases, please follow the links to our calculation progression models.


EYFS Calculation Progression Model

KS1 Calculation Progression Model

Lower KS2 Calculation Progression Model

Upper KS2 Calculation Progression Model