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Coffee morning 

Due to coronavirus restrictions coffee morning has been cancelled until further notice.


Tips for encouraging children to do their homework

Please see the flier below for tips on how you can encourage children to do their homework. 

Tips for encouraging reading at home

We have been sharing our top tips for encouraging reading at home and to develop children's love for reading. Have a look below and see if there are any you can give a go at home!

  • Encourage children to ask questions about the story and model asking questions to them e.g. what do you think XXXX was doing in the story? What do you think might happen next? etc.
  • Read your favourite stories again and again so that children can join in with you and become familiar with the text.
  • Share bedtime stories - don't worry if they don't always want to read, you can read to them as well. Show them that reading can be fun!
  • Don't expect them to read for too long - little and often is best!
  • Encourage the children to use their sounds to sound out new words but if they don't know, it is ok for you to read it to them. 
  • Make it fun and enjoy reading together! :)