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Rowanfield Infant


Rosie our school dog

We would like to introduce you to Rosie!

In October Rosie will be joining the staff and pupils at Rowanfield Infant and Rowanfield Junior School.

It has been shown that children can benefit both educationally and emotionally from being around dogs, examples of these areas are improvements in reading skills, behaviour, attendance, confidence, and empathy. In addition to these benefits, the students at Rowanfield have demonstrated that they enjoy spending time with and learning alongside a dog.

“Dogs are a powerfully cost-effective way of helping children feel more secure at school and a low-tech approach to reducing anxiety”.  Sir Anthony Seldon (Vice Chancellor University of Buckingham).

Rosie is a pug, pugs are well known for being charming, mischievous, and very loving dogs. They are also playful and adaptable, which is what makes them great for the school environment. Rosie in particular is a very sweet and lazy dog, who absolutely adores her afternoon naps, and would much rather have a cuddle than go for a run in the park!

Rosie will initially be kept in Mrs Oates office or the Infant school office. Whilst walking around the school she will be kept on a lead and there will be a designated area for her bathroom needs.

This will be a learning journey for everyone involved. We realise that some children may have phobias surrounding dogs but we are hopeful that both Rosie and the students can work together to overcome these fears. However, if you do not wish for your child to come into contact with Rosie then we will ensure that she is kept away.

We are very excited about introducing this new member of staff to our already fabulous team and can’t wait for you all to meet her!

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