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Rowanfield Infant


School Development Plan


Our vision is to ensure that in every year group increasing numbers of children are securing the age-appropriate programme of study in the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics.

At the Rowanfield Schools, our vision is for our children to be secure on the basic skills in English and Mathematics understanding how to learn, think creatively, take risks and manage change. Our children are active and curious: they create their own hypotheses, ask their own questions, support and coach one another, set goals for themselves, understand their progress and experiment with ideas for taking risks. They feel safe and understand that making mistakes and ‘being stuck’ are part of learningThey are active listeners who are able to express their opinions carefully and confidently, respecting the views of others. Our children understand the value of working both independently and collaboratively; they are able to negotiate appropriately and demonstrate effective peer-to-peer support using their UNITED learning skills. 

To see our current School Development Plan please use the link below:

School Development Plan